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Reaper Miniatures have a HUGE selection of Miniatures, and it’s impossible for us to have everything in stock. For that reason we have now introduced our “Reaper Special Order” system here at King Games. This allows us to give our customers a much broader selection of Reaper Miniatures. 

Please use these instructions if you wish to place a ”Reaper Special Order” at King Games.

1. Go to and add everything you’re interested in to the basket. Click the “Shopping Cart” icon in the top right corner (Marked with the red circle below). Now you’re at the basket, and it should look something like this:

2. Now you need to copy/paste the items to a text document or directly into a mail. Mark each line up to the “Quantity”, right click and choose “Copy” or simply press Ctrl+C after having marked the line as seen below. Use Ctrl-V to paste them into the document or mail, or right click and choose paste. 

3. After doing step 2 on all the lines, the “Example order” that we're making in this guide should look like this:

77320: Galadanoth, Elf Sniper ($2.79) x1
77321: Giant Cobra ($3.29) x1
77322: Kassandra Of The Blade ($2.49) x1
77403: Dingo, Halfling Rogue ($2.49) x1

4. Now you need to mail the list to us – Send it to – Please write “Reaper Special Order – X”, X = Your first name. This makes it at a lot easier for us to sort out the orders and avoid any mistakes!

5. After we have received your list, we will create a “Hidden Product” in the shop and e-mail the link to you. The prices have been adjusted to our normal Reaper prices (They will always be slightly higher than directly from Reaper, as we have to take account of VAT, shipping from US and customs). You can see an example of the “Hidden Product” below:

6. After you have received the link, simply click it, add it to the basket and feel free to add any other products you wish to purchase as well. Please note that everything will be shipped together, so the other items won’t be shipped until the Reaper items arrive.

7. When we have received the order, we will add the Reaper items to our current Reaper order and get them shipped to us when we place the order – Which is every month at this moment, as we need to place larger orders.

Please note that we will not charge the payment for the order before the day we’re shipping the items – But some Credit Card companies reserve the amount right away, so it might look like they have been withdrawn straight away. For our Danish customers, this should mainly happen with Mastercard and VISA Electron.

8. Once the package from Reaper arrives, we’ll sort out the items and ship any Reaper Special Orders right away, then you’ll receive the invoice and your package will be on the way. 

We hope you'll take advantage of our system, and please feel free to write with any questions about it. We're happy to help, and we can always work it out if one of the steps above messes up in the progress! :-)

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