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Dunkeldorf Miniatures

Dunkeldorf is King Games' very own line miniatures and focuses on townsfolk miniatures that can be used for RPGs and tabletop gaming! Below you can find a link to support us on Kickstarter and be among the first to get your hands on our miniatures.

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The miniature line will consist of 12 townsfolk miniatures that can be used as NPCs and some of them even as player characters in RPGs - They can also be used for other tabletop-games as well! During the Kickstarter we hope to release more characters and also accessories through "Stretch Goals", all these Stretch Goals will be free for those who buy the full set of miniatures. 

Below you can see some painted examples of the miniatures, along with a scale comparison picture, showing the size next to Reaper, Warhammer & Mordheim Miniatures - These are in the same scale as the Dunkeldorf Miniatures - 28mm Heroic Scale. 

Our goal with Dunkeldorf is not to just launch a line of miniatures. We want to create a world and a setting for the characters. Dunkeldorf is the town where these characters live. All of the townsfolk have their own background stories along with detailed artwork.

We plan on expanding the Dunkeldorf universe with much more miniatures, accessories and terrain in the future. And finally, our goal is to create a source book for the town to be used for RPG players for games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP), Pathfinder and any other fantasy setting you can think of!

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