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Dunkeldorf Miniatures

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The House of Serpents Kickstarter
The 5th Dunkeldorf Campaign, called The House of Serpents launches on Kickstarter in the spring!
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About Dunkeldorf Miniatures
Dunkeldorf Miniatures is our (King Games') own line of miniatures which was launched on Kickstarter in March 2019. The line focuses on the townsfolk of Dunkeldorf, a dark and grim town filled with sinister characters, but also a few good-hearted ones too. Since then we have expanded the line with several Kickstarters. 


Selected Products: 

Arnold "Nine-Toes"
45,00 DKK
Esther the Zealot
45,00 DKK
Karla "The Fist"
45,00 DKK
Leonard "Lenny"
45,00 DKK
Marik "The Shank"
45,00 DKK
Ulrike the Bard
45,00 DKK

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