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About King Games

King Games is a Miniatures, Terrain & Hobby webstore based in Denmark. Selling Miniatures, Paints, Terrain, Hobby Accessories & much more to hobby-enthusiasts like ourselves all over the world. 
Terms & Conditions
Looking for our Terms & Conditions? Click here to read just that - You'll also be able to find more specific information about the shop and such there. 

Contact Information
You're more than welcome to write a mail to us regarding any questions or feedback you have at - We're of course also ready to answer any questions on Facebook as well. We'll try to answer any messages as fast as possible, and if you for some reason don't hear back from us, please write again, in case we have missed the first one! 

Additionally we can be reached via phone on +45 51 95 99 26 - Please be aware that we can't guarantee that we'll always be able to answer it, as we're not always near the phone. 

Who are we?
King Games is owned and run by Nicki (That's me!) & Nana (That's my wife!). We both have a great passion for the miniatures hobby and have been in it for quite a long time now. Both of us are avid Roleplaying Gamers, Tabletop-Gamers, Boardgamers & Miniature Painters. Though I must confess that Nana has long surpassed me in painting skills! - You can see more of her painting-galore on her Instagram Account

Where are we located?
As mentioned in the introduction, the shop is located in the small, but lovely country Denmark! Currently we do not have a "Brick & Mortar" store and only sell our products via the internet to customers all over the world. We are of course always happy to help with any questions or enquiries even if we don't have a physical store you can walk into.

When did it all start?
The company was established in November 2012 but didn’t officially launch until April 2013.
King Games originally started out as a hobby business but in April 2015 we decided to focus on the business for real, and now both of us are working with it, and we have never been happier with our line of work. 

Why did we start the company?
The idea originally started after we got into playing Roleplaying Games. It wasn't always easy to find the miniatures & dungeon scenery/terrain we needed for our games. And we talked about how great it would be to own a shop where you could find lots of different miniatures, dungeon accessories, terrain & hobby products at one place, especially fantasy-oriented. 

The shop started up with a focus on Fantasy Miniatures, Terrain and Dungeon Accessories mainly for Roleplaying Games but also Tabletop-Gaming. But it didn't take us long before we started focusing on Hobby Products as well. 

Your Suggestions, Ideas & Input 
We love to hear input from our customers. We are very passionate about our business which also happens to be our beloved hobby. So we are always thrilled to hear from happy customers or to chat with you regarding products or the hobby. We strive to offer you the best possible experience when shopping at us, so if you experience anything negative we would love to hear that as well so we can improve and hopefully have it sorted out the next time you come back :)

Your Feedback
Especially for our danish customers we would really appreciate if you would voice your feedback on the site Trustpilot - You can find our profile here: Trustpilot - We of course encourage you to post a completely honest review of your experience shopping with us, but we would be glad to have a chance to sort out any problems with your order before voicing any negative review on Trustpilot as this can be very hurtful for our business and we ALWAYS do everything we can to have satisfied customers!

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