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Grendel - Portcullis - Painted
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Portcullis from Grendel - Dungeon Terrain & Furniture

This portcullis is perfect for any fantasy dungeon setting. The gate can be used as a room devider, prison gate, dungeon portal and many other things.

The door measures approximately:
8 cm x 2,5 cm with an overall height of 8 cm. Fits a 3"x 1" square inch tile perfectly for square based dungeon crawls.

Painted by

Delivered unpainted and may require cleaning and assembling.

About Scotia Grendel Terrain:
  • Fantasy terrain suitable for 28mm Miniatures.
  • Most Grendel pieces fit square based tile systems such as Dwarven Forge, Dunkelstadt or playmats for Dungeons and Dragons / Pathfinder
  • Cast in resin - May require cleaning and assembling.

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