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Frostgrave Bestiary

In the Bestiary Category you can find creatures found in the city limits of Frostgrave. Such as Elementals, Demons, Trolls, Undead Minions, Giants and Wild Animals. 

Armoured Skeletons
59,00 49,00 DKK
59,00 DKK
Bear - Attacking
59,00 DKK
Boar and Giant Rats
59,00 DKK
Frostgrave Gnolls (20)
219,00 DKK
Frostgrave Snake-men (20)
199,00 DKK
Gnoll Thief & Barbarian
59,00 DKK
Gnoll Warchief
59,00 DKK
Ice Toad & Snow Leopard
59,00 DKK
Large Construct
59,00 DKK
Major Demon
109,00 DKK
75,00 DKK
Undead Encounters (17)
139,00 DKK
Violent Fungi
59,00 DKK
Wild Dogs (4)
59,00 DKK
Wolves (4)
59,00 DKK
Zombie Snow Troll
95,00 65,00 DKK
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