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Modular Workshop System

Dark Sword Miniatures at King Games

This Modular Workshop System from HobbyZone is designed to easily fit together with magnets and can be assembled in many ways. You can see more about the modular hobby system if you click on a product.

Big Showcase WIP Module
189,00 DKK
Bottles Module
99,00 DKK
Bottles Module (Slim)
87,00 DKK
Brushes and Tools Module
109,00 DKK
Corner Bottles Module
115,00 DKK
Corner Drawers Module
239,00 DKK
Corner Paints Module 26mm
115,00 DKK
Corner Paints Module 36mm
115,00 DKK
Corner Shelves Module
109,00 DKK
Drawers Module (High) x3
189,00 DKK
Drawers Module x 2
145,00 DKK
Drawers Module x 2 (Slim)
165,00 DKK
Drawers Module x 3
145,00 DKK
Drawers Module x 6
189,00 DKK
Hutch Storage Module
79,00 DKK
Paints Module 26mm
99,00 DKK
Paints Module 36mm
99,00 DKK
Paper Towel Module
89,00 DKK
Showcase WIP Module
109,00 DKK
Sprue Module
85,00 DKK
  Products Found: 23 

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