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Here you can find all sorts of different hobby glues such as Super Glue, White Glue, Plastic Glue, Wood Glue and more from companies such as The Army Painter, AK-Interactive and Humbrol.
  • Super Glue: Use for Metal, Resin and Plastic
  • Humbrol Poly: Use for Plastic only
  • Hobby Glue/White Glue/PVA: Use for basing, tufts, flock etc.
  • UHU All Purpose Glue: Use for Tufts, Foliage, Ivy - Excellent for MiniNatur products.

Extra Thin Cement
39,00 DKK
Quick Cement Extra Thin
39,00 DKK
Tamiya Cement (40ML)
32,00 DKK
Wolverine PVA Glue
32,00 DKK
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