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  Sorcerer's Spire
Sorcerer\'s Spire
 999,00 DKK
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Within the mystical Sorcerer's Spire, an obsidian sphere stands and exudes ancient magic. Shadowy chambers guard forgotten spells while the spire reaches for distant stars with its celestial observatories. Here, time bends and weaves, unveiling the tower's timeless allure.

- High-quality sculpts - A simply magical design!

- Built-in grid - Compatible with every RPG system.

- Modular - Build your terrain in a flash.

- Double-sided walls - Different theme on the inside and outside.

Box contains:

29 x regular floor tiles
29 x long floor tiles
58 x regular walls
29 x long walls
29 x doorways
4 x stone stairs
4 x wooden stairs
18 x regular balustrades
9 x long balustrades
4 x regular roof pieces
4 x convex roof pieces
1 x rooftop
140 x trims
176 x clips
112 x pins

Requires manual assembly and painting.


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