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Gamer's Grass

Gamer's Grass has a wide variety of grass tufts in several colors, blends, shapes and sizes. It's a very easy and fun way to add realistic vegetation to your models or scenery. The tufts very easily pop-out from the plastic sheets where they come from and are ready to use.

Laser Plants - Agave
44,00 DKK
Laser Plants - Bracken
52,00 DKK
Laser Plants - Deer Fern
52,00 DKK
Laser Plants - Dumb Cane
44,00 DKK
Laser Plants - Monstera
52,00 DKK
Laser Plants - Red Aloe
52,00 DKK
Moss 2mm - Gamer's Grass
37,00 DKK
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