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Environment Effects

A series of references formulated to recreate the effects of the elements on vehicles, armor, constructions and terrain.
The Environment Effects include grass crushed under the wheels of a truck or the tracks of a tank, the remains of dirt streaking the windows of a vehicle, the humidity, the appearance of moss and lichen on stones, rust and snow, and vegetation crushed and mixed in mud on the roads of the front. The elements of nature and the effects of weather are recreated in this range to provide the modeler with the environmental setting in a quick, easy and realistic way.

See the Step-By-Step PDF guide to learn how to use Vallejo's Environment Effects. Environment PDF Guide - Step by step.

Crushed Grass (40ml)
39,00 DKK
Moss and Lichen (40ml)
39,00 DKK
Mud and Grass (40ml)
39,00 DKK
Rain Marks (40ml)
39,00 DKK
Rust Texture (40ml)
39,00 DKK
Streaking Grime (40ml)
39,00 DKK
Wet Effects (40ml)
39,00 DKK
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