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Dark Sword Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures at King Games

Dark Sword Miniatures is an american miniatures company producing high quality pewter miniatures. Their Elmore Masterwork miniatures are based on artwork by Larry Elmore. DSM also produces "A Song of Ice and Fire"/Game of Thrones miniatures. These are just a few examples of their miniature lines.

Aeron "Damphair" Greyjoy
85,00 55,00 DKK
Female Barbarian
85,00 59,00 DKK
Female Dark Elf with Crossbow
85,00 59,00 DKK
Female Druid with Staff
85,00 DKK
Female Elven Archer (Elmore)
85,00 59,00 DKK
Female Halfling Mage with Staff
85,00 59,00 DKK
Female Mage with Staff # 4
85,00 59,00 DKK
Female Mystic/Mage with Staff
85,00 59,00 DKK
Female Ranger
85,00 DKK
Gorgon with Bow
85,00 DKK
Hooded Assassin
85,00 DKK
Jen - Harvester of Souls
127,00 DKK
Male Cleric
85,00 65,00 DKK
Male High Elf Warrior
85,00 DKK
Male Minstrel with Lute
89,00 DKK
85,00 DKK
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