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In this section you can find all our Male and Female"Dwarf" miniatures from companies such as Reaper, Nolzur's, Dark Sword Miniatures & more.  

Azer Warriors (2)
49,00 DKK
Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf
42,00 DKK
Barik "Kneebreaker"
45,00 DKK
Duergar Fighters (2)
49,00 DKK
Dwarf Blacksmith
35,00 DKK
Dwarf Male Cleric (2)
49,00 DKK
Dwarf Male Fighter (2)
49,00 DKK
Gowak, Butcher
45,00 DKK
Hanrik, Dwarf Monk
59,00 DKK
King Axehelm of Kragmarr
74,00 DKK
Marik "The Shank"
45,00 DKK
149,00 DKK
Stone General
149,00 DKK
Stone Realm Arquebusiers
149,00 DKK
Stone Realm Crossbowmen
149,00 DKK
Stone Realm Hammerers
149,00 DKK
Stone Realm Warriors
149,00 DKK
  Products Found: 43 

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