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About Reaper Miniatures:

Reaper Miniatures is a leading hobby and adventure industry company. Their primary focus is the design and manufacture of pewter miniature figurines, paint and accessories for hobbyist around the world. Their lines include Reaper Bones, Pathfinder Miniatures, Dark Heaven Legends, Warlord and of course their Master Series Paints. 

Amathor Arch Mage
68,00 DKK
Deladrin, Assassin
75,00 DKK
Dreadmere Ranger
68,00 DKK
Drys, Elven Dryad
79,00 DKK
Jakob Knochengard
68,00 DKK
Warg (Dire Wolf)
89,00 DKK
Wicked Witch of Oz
69,00 DKK
76,00 DKK

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