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  Ezmerelda D'Avenir & Rudolph Van Richten - Curse of Strahd
Ezmerelda D\'Avenir & Rudolph Van Richten - Curse of Strahd
 159,00 DKK


D&D Collector's Edition Series - Madame Eva

Spoiler alert for players of Curse of Strahd Campaign from Dungeons and Dragons:

Van Richten has studied Strahd for years and knows he can’t hope to best the vampire in a straight – up confrontation: he must wait for the right moment to strike. Esmerelda d’Avenir, a Vistana, is the protégé of Rudolph can Richten - despite the fact that her first encounter with the vampire hunter was anything but pleasant.

Sculpted by Matt Bickley

Contains 2x 28mm scale resin miniatures that need assembly. Super glue recommended.


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