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  Gaerhart Scheeman the Gong Farmer
Gaerhart Scheeman the Gong Farmer
 45,00 DKK


Dunkeldorf Miniatures - Gaerhart Scheeman the Gong Farmer

This miniature is supplied unpainted and does not require assembly. Cast in metal
Scenic base not included, but a 25mm round base is supplied with the miniature.

The Gong Farmer was the final miniature from the Prancing Peacock Kickstarter, a "Community Miniature". This miniature was based on suggestions from our backers. The Gong Farmer was suggested by Garrett Sheehan and a lot of people were excited for such a character! We decided that the Gong Farmer should of course be named somewhat after Garrett, so we ended up with Gaerhart Scheeman. So Garrett is now immortalized as a Gong Farmer in Dunkeldorf.. :D

Dunkeldorf is a line of 28-32mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures by King Games (That's us!). In March 2019 we launched our first Kickstarter introducing the townsfolk of Dunkeldorf

In June 2020 "Dunkeldorf: The Prancing Peacock" came to Kickstarter as well, adding sitting miniatures and a bunch of tavern scenics to the line. More Dunkeldorf things to come in the future!

Picture 1 Painted by Nana Kronmark / CabanaMinis
Picture 4 Painted by Garrett Sheehan (THE Garrett!)
Sculpted by Sonny Bundgaard / Imitation of Life Miniatures

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