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  Lulu and Slobberchops (2) - Descent into Avernus
Lulu and Slobberchops (2) - Descent into Avernus
 75,00 DKK
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D&D Collector's Edition Series - Lulu and Slobberchops

Gale Force 9 presents high quality resin miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons.

Lulu is a hollyphant who has lost most of her memories. Hollyphants are gentle, stalwart creatures native to the Upper Planes. Good-Aligned deities and angels use them as messengers and helpers.

Slobberchops is a mean-looking tressym with a bobtail and numerous battle-scars. Tressym are intelligent felines known to form strong friendships with humanoids, particularly rangers and wizards-

Sculpted by Albert Yu

Contains 2 resin miniatures. No assembly needed.


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