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  Sylvira Savikas & Quasit (Tiefling) - Descent into Avernus
Sylvira Savikas & Quasit (Tiefling) - Descent into Avernus
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D&D Collector's Edition Series - Sylvira Savikas & Quasit

Sylvira Savikas is a tielfing expert on the Nine Hells. Determined to thwart devil worshipers in positions of power throughout the Western Heartlands. Sylvira operates out of the library of Candlekeep and has spent years monitoring devil activity in Baldur's Gate, Elturel, and the sorrounding regions.

Her quasit familiar, Jezebel, adds just the right amount of mischief and chaos to her life.

Sculpted by Albert Yu

Contains 1 resin miniature. No assembly needed.


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