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  Bertha, Ratcatcher
Bertha, Ratcatcher
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Dunkeldorf Townsfolk Miniature - Bertha the Ratcatcher

Bertha the Ratcatcher is the most succesful ratcatcher in Dunkeldorf. She never goes anywhere without her feline companion "Bull", a huge cat who she can always count on to help her catch rats lurking in the dark corners and sewers of Dunkeldorf.

  • Painted by Nana Kronmark / CabanaMinis
  • Sculpted by Sonny Bundgaard / Imitation of Life Miniatures
  • Concept Art by: Mustafa Bekir / Spevna Studio
  • Background Buildings by Tabletop-World

    This white metal miniature is supplied unpainted and comes with a 25mm round slotta plastic base – No assembly is required. Scenic base and background diorama not included.

    Dunkeldorf is a line of 28-32mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures by King Games (That's us!). In March 2019 we launched our first Kickstarter introducing the townsfolk of Dunkeldorf and we plan to continue expanding the line in the future.

    Learn more about our line of miniatures at and visit our Facebook Community here.

    A Page From the Dunkeldorf Tome: Bertha

    "That's one more rat in the bag! Didn't I tell you tonight would be a good haul, Bull?"

    Bertha reaches down and pets the brawny, scarred, black cat sitting next to her. A loyal companion, Bull has followed her through thick and thin. They’ve been hunting vermin in the dark corners of Dunkeldorf ever since she found him as an abandoned kitten on the streets.

    The ratcatcher yawns and looks up at the ominous, blood red moon through a nearby sewer grate. A chill runs down her spine as she gazes at it. "Well Bull, perhaps we ought to call it a night. A haul this big without a single scratch.. No reason to push our luck."

    "What do you say to a late night snack at The Prancing Peacock?" Bertha picks up her torch and starts trudging towards the nearest exit, but suddenly hears a noise coming from an alcove further ahead.

    As the town's most experienced ratcatcher, Bertha knows it isn’t a smuggler sneaking around the sewers. Another rat, a big one, was nearby!
    “Hmm.. Well.. I guess one more in the bag couldn’t hurt. Don't worry Bull, I’ll grab it real quick and then we’re out of here, I promise."

    Bertha crouches down and cautiously makes her way forward. Just as she’s about to turn the corner, a giant rat, bigger than any she has ever seen, jumps out and viciously attacks her. Its long claws carve through her skin. They rake all the way down from her forehead, right through her left eye, and all along her cheek.

    Blood gushes from her grisly wound as she attempts to defend herself. Everything is a blur of flailing limbs and slashing claws, and eventually Bertha passes out from her wounds.

    The next thing she remembers is being woken up by Günther Hinkel, the barber surgeon who has fixed her up many times before. Bertha looks around confused, and without giving any thought to her missing eye, shouts out: "Where's Bull?!"


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