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  Old Tully, Beggar
Old Tully, Beggar
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Dunkeldorf Townsfolk Miniature - Old Tully, Beggar

The townsfolk of Dunkeldorf know to stay away from Old Tully, an obnoxious beggar who'll stalk you around the streets playing his flute until you finally cave in and give him some change. No one is really sure when he came to Dunkeldorf and his past is a bit of a mystery. Some say he used to be a great musician but he's now a haunted madman with no skills who's forced skulk around the streets of Dunkeldorf, begging for coins.

  • Painted by Nana Kronmark / CabanaMinis
  • Sculpted by Sonny Bundgaard / Imitation of Life Miniatures

    This white metal miniature is supplied unpainted and comes with a 25mm round slotta plastic base – No assembly is required. Scenic base and background diorama not included.

    Dunkeldorf is a line of 28-32mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures by King Games (That's us!). In March 2019 we launched our first Kickstarter introducing the townsfolk of Dunkeldorf and we plan to continue expanding the line in the future.

    Learn more about our line of miniatures at and visit our Facebook Community here.

    A Page From the Dunkeldorf Tome: Old Tully

    The nobleman was already quite late for supper, and he was undoubtedly sure to get a scolding when arriving home so late. The dark streets and the eerie red glow from the Blood Moon hanging low in the night sky above Dunkeldorf, didn't exactly make him feel any better. But he was in a hurry and thought to himself "I'll just take a shortcut down this alley, it'll save me some minutes"

    As he walked down the dark alley, the sound of a... melody? Could be heard. It almost sounded like someone playing a flute.. The nobleman quickened his pace, trying to think about the delicious supper waiting for him at home, and not the haunting melody echoing through the alley.

    But suddenly his thoughts were interrupted as a ragged beggar jumped out from the shadows and yelled "Spare a copper for a struggling old piper?!" The nobleman almost fell to his knees "Oh, you gave me a proper scare!" he exclaimed.
    The shabby looking man, holding a flute in one hand and a hat in the other took a step closer towards the nervous nobleman. "So how's about that copper then?"
    The nobleman still a bit shook over the beggar's 'ambush', did his best to remain calm "No, ahem, I'm sorry sir. I don't have any spare coin on me, and you really shouldn't sneak up on people like that!" he replied while quickly moving past the foul smelling beggar.

    The nobleman continued with full haste down the alley, but could hear footsteps directly behind him.
    As he turned around to look, the beggar jumped towards him with an outstretched hand holding his hat. "Just one little copper for Old Tully, sir?! I did just play you that nice tune"

    The nobleman started to get nervous as the beggar gave him a mad-eyed stare. "Just a single copper!" the beggar proclaimed as he almost simultaneously blew into his flute and jumped closer towards the nobleman, who now started fearing for his own safety.

    And in that instant he remembered... The rumours of people disappearing in Dunkeldorf these last few nights... Men, women, even teenagers, poor AND noble alike. Struck with a sudden fear, he turned tail and ran.
    The nobleman could hear the beggar right behind him, and in pure despair he dug into his coin pouch, grabbed a handful of coins and tossed them over his shoulder towards the creepy beggar, not knowing if they were copper, silver or gods forbid it gold! But the last thing he wanted was that beggar following him anywhere near his home.

    With the beggar distracted, the nobleman ran directly to his house, locking the door behind him. He embraced his wife, started to sob and told her the story of the night he met the piper of Dunkeldorf and almost lost his life.


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