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D&D Frameworks

Dungeons & Dragons Frameworks miniatures are highly detailed, customizable figures, created with more experienced hobby painters in mind. These miniatures are supplied unassembled and unprimed and provide multiple options for building the figure, as well as mixing and matching parts across different miniatures in the Frameworks line.

D&D Frameworks: Balor
699,00 550,00 DKK
D&D Frameworks: Beholder
299,00 240,00 DKK
D&D Frameworks: Dwarf Cleric Female
115,00 92,00 DKK
D&D Frameworks: Elf Wizard Female
115,00 92,00 DKK
D&D Frameworks: Ghast / Ghoul
199,00 159,00 DKK
D&D Frameworks: Human Fighter Female
115,00 92,00 DKK
D&D Frameworks: Human Monk Male
115,00 92,00 DKK
D&D Frameworks: Human Rogue Female
115,00 92,00 DKK
D&D Frameworks: Kobolds (7)
385,00 299,00 DKK
D&D Frameworks: Night Hag
199,00 159,00 DKK
D&D Frameworks: Ogre
199,00 159,00 DKK
D&D Frameworks: Stone Giant
299,00 240,00 DKK
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