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  Dwarf Bronzeshields
Dwarf Bronzeshields
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Warriors arrived from different Dwarven clans march to war united in regiments. To honor his lineage each of these warriors always carries his shield with the emblem of his clan. Because of that the Dwarven clan warriors are commonly known as Shields.
The banner top of these regiments will display each of the emblems of the different clans that form the regiment.
The Bronzeshields is the name given to the regiments formed by the youngbloods of the Dwarven clans.

Avatars of War: Dwarf Bronzeshields Regiment

This pack contains the pieces to assemble 21 multipart WarCast plastic Dwarf Bronzeshields equiped with weapon & shield (18 troopers plus musician leader and standard bearer).
Contains also 21 20mm plastic square base. The figures come unassembled and unpainted.

Base: 20mm
Scale: 28mm
Material: Resin
Sculpted by: Felix Paniagua

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