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  NPC Miniature Pack (68 models)
NPC Miniature Pack (68 models)
 369,00 DKK
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There’s a story behind each character.

The more, the merrier! Populate your tabletop town with a diverse pack of miniatures - town citizens, knights, merchants, gnolls, kobolds, draugrs, and even a viking duck. 68 models to use in various campaign sessions and dioramas. Choose your next party for your next thrilling adventure!

Box Contains:

1x Kid 1
1x Kid 2
1x Kid 3
1x Childish Roblino
1x Gary the Peacebreaker
1x Magnus, Warrior of the Storm
1x Dwarf Miner
2x Kobold1
2x Kobold 2
1x Female Elf
1x Halfing Gardener
1x Herbalist
1x Midwife
1x Squire
1x Cleaning Lady
1x Female rogue
1x Baxter
1x Taxman
1x Falconer
1x Prisoner 1
1x Prisoner 2
1x Royal Guard
1x Jester
1x Hunter
1x Mugger 1
2x Goblin 1
2x Goblin 2
2x Goblin 3
1x Travelling Merchant
1x Thief
1x Crusader
1x Rat Exterminator
1x Berserker
1x Fortune teller
1x Female Orc
1x Dragon Huntress
1x Pirate Captain
2x Undead 1
2x Undead 2
2x Undead 3
1x Happy Peasant
1x Lumberjack
1x Mugger 1
1x Mugger 2
1x Executoner
1x Mayor Bulbo
1x Elf Ranger
1x Female Barbarian
1x Battle Mage
2x Gnoll 1
2x Gnoll 2
2x Gnoll 3
1x Sewers Mermaid
1x Jinn
1x Iron Golem
1x From distant lands
1x Masked Knight

All models come unpainted and unassembled.


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