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  Ruined Pillars (4)
Ruined Pillars (4)
 65,00 DKK


Sundered Temple from Grendel - Dungeon Terrain & Furniture.

This set consists of 4 resin parts and is perfect for any fantasy dungeon setting. The set is great for any outdoor encounter and is perfect as an ancient temple in marshlands and swamps aswell as dungeon decor.

The set measures approximately:
5cm diameter with a height of 3,5 cm.

Painted by

Delivered unpainted and may require cleaning and assembling.

About Scotia Grendel Terrain:
  • Fantasy terrain suitable for 28mm Miniatures.
  • Most Grendel pieces fit square based tile systems such as Dwarven Forge, Dunkelstadt or playmats for Dungeons and Dragons / Pathfinder
  • Cast in resin - May require cleaning and assembling.


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