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  Reaper Paints - Starter Set
Reaper Paints - Starter Set
 149,00 DKK


This set of paints from Reaper contains 8 different paints picked by King Games.

Included in the set is a free bag of 10 glass paint agitator balls and a small palette.

Using the eight base colours in this set are a great way to try out some of Reaper Miniatures best base paints. The paint is a bit thinner than the ones from Games Workshop and Army Painter's Warpaints, but with a much finer pigment simular to the paints from Vallejo. These colours are the base colours, and in our Reaper paint category you can find a large variety of lighter colours for smooth highlights!

Contains 8 bottles of 15 ml. (with eyedropper) You get 8 paints for the price of 6 paints!

09037: Pure Black
09039: Pure White
09028: Muddy Brown
09008: Sun Yellow
09055: Breonne Blue
09044: Tanned Skin
09010: Pine Green
09134: Clotted Red

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