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Large Monsters

This category contains some of the most dangerous monsters heroes will encounter - Dragons, Griffons, Huge Beasts, Giants, Large Demons, Elementals and even Eldritch beings from other dimensions!

Boar Demon (Bones)
77,00 DKK
Coral Golem (Bones)
78,00 60,00 DKK
Dark Young (Bones)
68,00 DKK
Deva (Bones)
35,00 DKK
Eldritch Demon (Bones)
59,00 DKK
Fire Dragon (Bones)
110,00 DKK
Frost Giant King (Bones)
109,00 DKK
Frost Giant Queen (Bones)
109,00 DKK
Gelatinous Cube (Bones)
75,00 DKK
Giant Scorpion (Bones)
42,00 DKK
Giant Wererat (Bones)
34,00 DKK
Graveyard Golem (Bones)
43,00 DKK
Griffon (Bones)
69,00 DKK
Hydra (Bones)
170,00 DKK
Ice Troll (Bones)
43,00 DKK
Iron Golem (Bones)
43,00 DKK
Jungle Titan (Bones)
59,00 45,00 DKK
King Cobra (Bones Black)
209,00 DKK
Manticore (Bones)
59,00 DKK
Rauthuros, Demon (Bones)
110,00 DKK
Shadow Dragon (Bones)
109,00 DKK
Silver Dragon (Bones)
95,00 DKK
Stone Giant (Bones)
43,00 DKK
Stormwing, Dragon (Bones)
249,00 DKK
Wolf Demon (Bones)
59,00 DKK
Zombie Ogre (Bones)
34,00 DKK
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