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Reaper Bones Black

Reaper Bones Black is more sturdy than regular Reaper Bones miniatures and the detail level is also higher - The price is higher, but still lower than their metal miniatures. The Bones Black miniatures can be found in the regular Bones categories as well, in case you want to browse through everything at once!
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Bloodwolf (Bones Black)
34,00 DKK
Bufo (Bones Black)
30,00 DKK
Cave Bear (Bones Black)
42,00 DKK
Gulper (Bones Black)
68,00 DKK
Hivewarden (Bones Black)
60,00 DKK
King Cobra (Bones Black)
209,00 DKK
Mumlak, Boxed Set (Bones Black)
199,00 149,00 DKK
Phase Cat (Bones Black)
34,00 DKK
Raft (Bones Black)
30,00 DKK
Razormouth (Bones Black)
34,00 DKK
Rockmaw (Bones Black)
34,00 DKK
Torlan (Bones Black)
42,00 DKK
Vatanis (Bones Black)
30,00 DKK
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