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  The Red Raven
The Red Raven
The Red Raven
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Reaper Miniatures for Pathfinder: 28mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures. The Red Raven

The Red Raven, named for his famous tattered red cape and the ravens who feasted on his earliest victims, is a vigilante renowned throughout Galt for his high-profile heists. Some view him as nothing more than a rebel, while to many he is an egalitarian folk hero. Unbeknownst to nearly everyone, however, is that the Red Raven is Aric of Halvon, an outspoken citizen of Galt.

While engaged in his capers, Red Raven always dresses flamboyantly. The appearance of his signature tattered red cloak belies its magical nature. When not committing crimes, Aric is less dramatic and leads a more frugal life

Unpainted metal models that may require preparation and assembly.

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
Artwork by Paizo/Pathfinder.


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